The Power of Building Your Bright Side:

3 Renewal Strategies

It is through the process of choosing healthy living patterns can help us to grasp hold of the opportunities. We have to build the faith in our own self that we are able to change and conduct a life with a peace of mind, dignity, and self-respect.

1. Discover the Bright Side Inside Yourself

To prepare ourselves for meaningful growth and change, we must first buttress our self-esteem, self-respect, and self-trust.

We shall let go of fear, discouragement, and other barriers. We shall replace these toxic emotions with the fresh air of trust, truth, and belief.

Positive change begins with focusing on our inner core.

2. Bright Transformation

In life, no one is able to grow up without any disappointed experience. Nevertheless, we shall build ourselves and grow with absorbing nutrition from those wounded encounters. 

Yet, inside each of us, there is a delightful kid filled with wonder, resiliency, joy, courage, and, adventure – our own unique being. This joyful child can only be released when we are able to free the wounded child by expressing our feelings.

Can you picture your own precious inner child, the beautiful child you once were? Can you nurture, accept, and love that being of wonder and release yourself from having been wounded? 

Let us accept and cherish each other’s differences. Let us embrace the uniqueness of everyone. 

Living on the bright side means to transform negative thinking to positive thoughts. Embrace our life with the habit of gratitude. We can redirect our paths that are filled with a zest for the new and untried experience. We can take personal charge of transforming our future.

3. Envision Brightness

We shall erect new mental models by actively envisioning future possibilities with setting goals and writing plans for concrete step-by-step execution.

We shall practice the bright virtues which include accountability, honesty, and integrity. 

We shall live with simplicity and be down to earth. We shall say what we mean, and walk what we say.  The most powerful gift that we can give to another human being is truth. Communicating with honesty can build not only mutual trust, but also our own self-trust and self-respect.

The following additional suggestions can be helpful in setting up honest dialogues:

Through open and honest communication, experiences, ideas, and creativity begin to flourish. People stop hiding behind a myriad of lies and can begin to focus their energy on life-giving activities. “Trust and harmony can only exist in an organization where leaders are more concerned about truth than the deceit of covering their tracks.”