Our Consultant Team

Veronica Liew Hui Mei

FOUNDER OF Amalov International Pte Ltd

Veronica Liew has over two decades of experience working for multinational companies between different cultures and across regions in Asia and Europe for several industries of journalism, oil engineering, investment banking, manufacturing and diplomatic missions.

Besides having lived in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, she has also worked for the diplomatic mission of Japan and the international trade council of Denmark. She has travelled to at least 50 countries in the globe.

She is a Marketing Communication Strategist and Competitive Intelligence Consultant for international marketing strategies and global brand enhancement backed by Sustainability Transformation.

She is passionate to give a helping hand to manufacturers in penetrating into overseas markets and expand international market shares.

Mark Fang

Chief Executive Officer of Xiangfuhang Trade Co Limited

Chief Executive Officer of Xiangfuhang Trade Co Limited, operating international trade businesses: e-commerce, cross border e-commerce, import and export trading mainly serving Alibaba, Jingdong (京东), NetEase (⽹易), and social e-commerce platforms, and also supplying products to giant supermarket chains in China including China Resources Vanguard (华润先锋), RT Mart and Jusco.

He involves also in product sourcing with brand establishment services for overseas manufacturers into China’s Tmall International (天猫国际), JD International (京东国际), Pinduoduo International Flagship Stores (拼多多国际旗舰店铺).

Under his umbrella, there are TikTok and Live Streaming Selling channels being operated.

As long as we find your products have unique selling features for China’s market, we can have your products be available in nationwide physical and e-commerce stores in China.

John Holway

John was born in Bristol, (UK) and moved to Hamburg, Germany in 1984. He served for 20 years as a Commercial Attaché for the British Consulate-General in Hamburg, Germany, helping UK exporters to access the German market. With his years of practical experience in international trade and diplomatic mission, John can guide companies in exporting to the UK and Germany. Driven by the passion of lifting others, John (who speaks fluent English and German), is also a language and cultural coach, empowering executives in sharpening their presentation and communication skills in the English language.  John, a degree holder in German and Economics, has been a Toastmaster speaker since 2006, seven times European finalist, and the winner of the European spontaneous speech contests in Bonn and Budapest (2012 and 2013).  

http://www.british-network.de and http://www.john-holway.com.

Katherine Keleko

Katherine Keleko has a background in Southeast Asian regional studies with fluent proficiency in Malay language.

She worked for a number of years in the UK government agencies and national charity organisations supporting C-Suite Executives.

Now based in France she offers French and English speaking support to SMEs and entrepreneurs. Katherine has a particular interest in intercultural communication. She is passionate in helping European companies expand into Asian markets, and vice versa, Asian companies into European markets.

Roberto Fuerto

Roberto Fuerte is an entrepreneur and international business consultant, based in Monterrey, Mexico, a major industrial city two hundred kilometers in the south of the US border.

Roberto holds dual nationality of Mexican and the EU with his Spanish originality. Roberto was the Executive Director of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce Northeast Chapter for 10 consecutive years.

Roberto has helped companies to establish their presence in Mexico and also set up their respective sales operations in the U.S. for strategic logistical operation in both countries of Mexico and the U.S., taking advantage of the former North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) before the implementation of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) in April 2020.

Roberto is the founder of INTERMMONT, a company dedicated to establishing trade and business relationships with Canadian companies, to do business under NAFTA, with the US and Mexico. Roberto’s geographical sphere covers Mexico, the U.S., Canada, Colombia and Australia.

Fady Mofeed

Fady Mofeed, originated from Cairo, Egypt, is an expert of Arabic and Chinese spheres. Besides Arabic and English, Fady speaks fluent Mandarin, with having graduated with a master degree in China, followed his bachelor degree of Chinese Literature Studies in Egypt. Fady is our bridge connecting manufacturers into the Middle East continent.


Gary Guo

Managing Partner of Chinway International Ltd

Gary Guo is the Managing Partner of Chinway International Ltd headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Gary is a veteran international business expansion strategist who has worked physically in China, Australia, Germany and Canada. 

He has proven track records in providing consultancy to projects of various organizations in multiple international markets. He has also assisted start-up companies for their operation expansion in Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America. These cross-cultural, cross-line, cross-side experiences endorse him the capability to always put himself in his clients’ shoes when he delivers international business development advisory and project management services to his clients, no matter they are international companies expanding into Asia, or Asian companies going global.

Gary is a Certified International Trade Professional in Canada, a Certified Mergers & Acquisition Professional in USA, a Certified Private Equity M&A Deals Maker (PEMA) in China and a licensed realtor in Ontario, Canada.