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Amalov International

Amalov International Limited, Company Number: 1438530, an incorporated private limited company in the United Kingdom. 

Amalov International Sdn Bhd, Company Number: 202101018173 (1418473-H), a registered private limited company in Malaysia.

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International Training and Consultancy

Amalov International aspires to equip medium-sized manufacturers with appropriate competences to enhance their international competitiveness. Along our training and consultancy, Amalov International shall work together with Senior Management Team to make better decisions in marketing and branding strategies in establishing well-recognized brands in the international arena.

What makes us distinctive is we provide customized trainings and consultancy tailored to the unique features and different needs of manufacturers for their international market expansion and global branding establishment. Along our goal of guiding manufacturers to grow along Industry 4.0 and Sustainability Goals, we listen in details to your requirements and provide tailored-made solutions with having assessed the respective conditions of the manufacturers in matching the global demands. We explain things in an easy to understand way without the jargon.

  • To be an effective and trustable consultancy provider with IT and training solutions to manufacturers in their international market expansion and global brand establishment.
  • To promote sustainable development that respect the lives of all beings;
  • To create a centre of knowledge and excellence of human capital assets and technology enhancement in the sustainable global supply chain;
  • To connect manufacturers across industries, countries and regions.
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
We devote to live with integrity and make a difference in the lives of others.

Amalov International Pte Ltd

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design and consultancy services.

Veronica Liew Hui Mei


About The Founder

Veronica Liew Hui Mei has worked for 7 countries. Besides having lived in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, she has also worked for the diplomatic mission of Japan and the International Trade Council of Denmark. She has travelled to at least 50 countries in the globe.

She is a Marketing Communication Strategist and Competitive Intelligence Consultant for international marketing strategies and global brand enhancement backed by Sustainability Transformation.

Besides her wide perceptive of the global and regional developments, she has extensive international contacts, She holds the competence of translation and interpretation for the languages of English, Chinese and Malay. She is working on polishing her upper intermediate proficiency level in German and Japanese languages.

Language is her gifted strength as well as a tool for her to stay on the pulse of global development and transmit message of industrial updates for the mutual growth of all.

She is passionate to give a helping hand to manufacturers in penetrating into overseas markets and expand international market shares.


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