A Victor Mindset is Vital for Enterpreneurs

Have you ever wondered what is most influential factor to determine one’s success?

What there are few make it and most are not?

More often, it is observed that there is a thin line of difference in approach towards business between those who succeed and those who do not. Should you be an entrepreneur focused on achieving success in the competitive world of business then it is important to get the fundamental of owning the victor mindset right.

The key ingredient of a victor mindset of an entrepreneur is the ability to take the risk and take failures into stride. Thinking like a victor shall not only encourage you in your entrepreneurial journey, but also in other areas of your personal life.

Maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit high is something every aspiring and established entrepreneur struggles with throughout. I hope by the end of this blog you will have a fairly clear idea about a victor mindset as an entrepreneur to become unstuck at various challenges in your entrepreneurial journey. Considering the economy hit by the global pandemic worldwide has put entrepreneurs through a true testament to the power of resilience to move through the fire of prolonged financial crisis.

Here are 6 ways, how owning a victor mindset can help you building yourself to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Positive Mindset

As an entrepreneur, it is very important to own a positive mindset most of the time (if not always) especially in a situation of a setback or business crisis. A positive mindset will back you up with the motivation to give your best shot and push through a tough situation. A victor with a positive mindset will never limit his/her thinking or undervalue achievements. A positive frame of mind will keep under confidence at bay even when situations are not favorable and give a better outlook to the situation which is more productive and leads to success. Entrepreneurship is all about facing challenges and building a path of success through it all. Right?

2. Focus on Growth

Successful entrepreneur is focused on growth, they are always pushing themselves one step further to think big and tap on every opportunity that comes their way. An entrepreneur with a victim mindset will be often found stuck paying attention to the limitations of the current situation and look at the business as shrinking and restricted for growth. Whereas an entrepreneur with a victor mindset will use the limitations and challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate the ability and resilience to overcome any unfavorable situation. Furthermore, their outlook towards the business is ever-growing and full of opportunities that have a scope of improvement.

3. Healthy Self-Esteem

A victor mindset is essential to build healthy entrepreneurial self-esteem. Self-esteem is a reflection of how an entrepreneur perceives and evaluates self-worth. It is the stepping stone to build confidence, and feel capable of achieving short-term goals and accomplishing feats worthwhile. The foundational belief in self-worth and confidence naturally affects the way an entrepreneur processes the information and formulates the same into an ingredient to achieve sustainable success.

4. Facing Adversity

No matter how well you have mastered the skill of your business, the pathway to a successful entrepreneurial journey is bound to include adversities. To sail through the rough patches an entrepreneur is always prepared to be knocked down and never knocked out of the game. The end door to the rewards can never be unlocked without facing extreme hardships. It is observed that entrepreneurs with a victor mindset will always resist falling prey to the victim mindset in these situations of hardship and this is what leads them to success.

5. Be Accountable

An entrepreneur with a victor mindset will always be accountable for both the failures and achievements in their business. Blaming anyone else for the current situation of your enterprise will only prevent you from improvising. When an entrepreneur is accountable for the failures, he/she will spend less time feeling overwhelmed and stressed thinking about the failure as some things are out of your control, irrespective of how well you plan. Instead, the victor mindset of the entrepreneur will keep them focused on working on plan B and achieve faster business goals. As an entrepreneur, it is important to believe that you can never be a failure until you are prepared to fight, you have to keep hitting your best shot until you get it right.

6. Strong Work Ethnics

If you are working (it does not matter whether you work as a professional or establishing your own business as an entrepreneur), you might very often hear the saying of “Work is worship”. An individual with a victor mindset focuses passionately on his/her own performance, and set examples for others in a situation of crisis. That’s what an entrepreneur does. Right? More often entrepreneurs do not look at their calendar in case of urgency, they will be the first one to come and last to leave. An entrepreneur with a victor mindset will compete with self and constantly work on improving themselves and aims at growing together as a team. A strong work ethic is an essential ingredient in the holistic growth of both the entrepreneur and the business.

Being a successful entrepreneur is no cakewalk, yet a positive mindset inclined towards entrepreneurial skills will contribute to making profound improvements to your business and achieving success and self-satisfaction. The journey to success is rockier for every entrepreneur but the resilience and victor mindset will open the door to the wealth of opportunities and lead to success and ultimate goal.

Amalov International aspires to guide more individuals to groom themselves into a better and more proficient entrepreneur and to be a human being realizing the values of living to make constructive contribution to the Communities.


Life shall be embraced to live meaningfully and joyfully.

- Veronica Liew Hui Mei, Amalov International Sdn. Bhd.